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My art and I will always love them. (Thanks to MS.Paint and Pencils~)



*Insert Title* Goals

:bulletgreen: Catching Edraviciel's kiriban-10,000
:bulletpink: Catching Rurutia8's kiriban-150,000
:bulletblue: Catching MoonLilith's kiriban-60,000
:bulletpurple: Catching iPPG's kiriban-30,000

:bulletyellow: My list: art trade for cutie-petunia
My current job: my next crossover featured art
Keroro fan art of the two comic characters
Gift for DF Detective style
:bulletpurple: RECEIVE LIST
PC: Kplatoony


Kiruru Fan by Atlanta-HammyMirara Fan by Atlanta-HammyTerara Is A Boy by Atlanta-HammyYou know I'm a Girl right..? by Atlanta-HammyDoruru Fan by Atlanta-HammyMiruru Fan by Atlanta-HammyMaru Fan by Atlanta-HammyDark Keroro Fan by Atlanta-HammyGiruru Fan by Atlanta-HammyMeru Fan by Atlanta-HammyAlisa fan by Atlanta-HammyPoyon Fan by Atlanta-HammyNomteruma Fan by Atlanta-HammyOmiyo Fan by Atlanta-HammyKarara Fan by Atlanta-HammyChiroro Fan by Atlanta-HammyPururu Fan by Atlanta-HammyZoruru Fan by Atlanta-HammyGaruru Fan by Atlanta-HammyDororo Fan by Atlanta-HammySumomo Fan by Atlanta-Hammy


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Rate my art level? (MS.Paint rated please XD be honest...) out of 5. 

7 deviants said OMG, they're amazing! Just need some finishing touches, more realistic/better shading/pixels/coloring 4/5
5 deviants said EVERYTHING. is amazing!! :o but of course, I see you improve all the time, so a 5/5!
4 deviants said Everything's good, but not yet professional 3/5.
4 deviants said YOU DREW ALL THAT IN MS.PAINT? (trust me I know some people who watch me yet didn't know this XD )
1 deviant said A bit OK, but still need major improvement 1/5.
1 deviant said Shapes are fine, but needs more improvement 2/5.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
:bulletgreen: My common name that I used here is Genius. I am a mix artist,I like to draw many things. If u go to my gallery u can see all the different cartoons and anime I draw such as The Powerpuff Girls,Keroro Sgt.Frog,My Little Pony FIM,etc I mostly draw OCs of any kind. I have difficulties trying to stay in one fandom so bear with me if I draw Keroro at one time and My Little Pony the next day. If you like,send me a llama anytime. :heart::heart:
:iconblue-gplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-nplz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-uplz::iconblue-splz: My birthday badge
:bulletyellow: My Art Status:
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - On Hold by SweetDukeRequests - Closed by SweetDukeKiribans - Closed by SweetDukeNo Point Commissions by SweetDukeNo Collaborations by SweetDukeNo ACEOs by SweetDukeNo Commissions by SweetDuke
:bulletgreen: More info about my art,when I do art trades and point commissions,I either do them traditionally or if digital,it's always MS.Paint. I have MS.Paint as my only art program,so all my arts I have in my gallery is made in MS.Paint ^^ I'm one of those MS.Paint artists here.
:bulletblue:RL friends ACTIVE: :icondrawingfreak77:
RL friends INACTIVE/DEAD ACCOUNTS : :iconkitty12493: :iconalicexaxir::iconscarletprince::iconchishire-prince::iconacexalice::iconjokerpwns::iconjustaloverofart05::iconeririmonkeys:
:bulletorange: Artist Idol I forever love: :iconbipinkbunny: :iconreizeropein: they were the ones that fascinated me with their comic which is why I made an account! :heart::heart:

My friends of all time: Team-Boomer2 (best PPG friend) TheRaptorAlpha (best Keroro friend)
What do I usually do in DA? doing what I like: Giving Llamas!
:bulletpurple: Stamps~ :heart::heart:
MS paint-stamp- by whoot-hoot-partyMS Paint Artist Stamp by Aroihkin:MS Paint: by Minty-HippoMS Paint "Haters Gonna" Stamp by AroihkinI used Paint stamp by Pokemon-DiamondStamp - Mouse User by firstfearProud Mouse-User by AnimeGal007Mouse User by SnowluffRWBY Stamp: Red 4 by wow1076RWBY Red stamp by HystericDesignsKeroro , Stamp 1 by conexionmangaKeroro , Stamp 2 by conexionmangaMLP Haters Gonna Hate Stamp by SammieSparxxPrincess Cadance Stamp by jewlechoA bad drawer is NOT a bad artist. by Angry-French-Kid
:bulletpurple: I shall give a list of FAQ Questions that I usually receive,or at least the ones I'm afraid to receive one day that I might as well help answer.
1. Where were you from/what language do you speak?
A: I'm American Asian,I know several languages: English,Cantonese,Chinese, and Japanese. I know how to speak and hear all of the languages, but I only understand how to speak,hear,read,and write English and Cantonese.
2. What/why do you draw different types of drawings?
A: I'm a mix artist,I draw whatever I want,so if you watch me,you'll be seeing at least 5 different types of anime/cartoons. Most of the time I draw PPG/OCs or Keroro, sometimes I do MLP.
3. What is your real name? How old are you?
A: I do not wish to reveal my real name over the Internet. You can call me Genius since it's the most frequently used name here or Mirabella,an internet name. I'm 14 years old.
4. Wow, I watched you,why don't you watch me back?
A: If you came here to watch me not for my art but only because you want a watch back,it's not gonna work. I watch whoever I want,and I'm a very busy person so I don't usually like to watch more than 150 deviants,sorry.
5. Can I have some points?
A: it really depends. when I'm not busy,I enjoy giving out free random points to others,but I don't go out into the community. If you want some badly,I suggest you to ask someone else who donates daily.
Watch these people,I believe they need more viewers.
:iconmarybriannemckay:-traditional artist,draws nature animals,and people!
:icondrawingfreak77:-future-to-be cartoonist of her cartoon Psycho chaos!
:icontofuudog: and :iconandromedasparkz: -digital artist of MLP!
:iconjessi2014: -digital artist of Keroro and Orikeros!
:iconpokelover: - draws brilliant Maronians/orimaros!


FourEyeGenius101 has started a donation pool!
294 / 300
Please donate! ^^ I love to help my friends to get a PM,sometimes I give them free points when they need them.
:bulletgreen: I'm also hoping to collect them to give some to my good friends who wants to buy a special commission,I also like to give out random points to random people from time to time.
:meow: Balance: 89 points
Featuring these amazing ones~
:iconpointslaplz: :iconpointslaplz: :iconpointslaplz: :iconpointslaplz:
I can has points? by 2kazeVanellope Von Schweets by FantasyBlade

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So final exams and big projects are coming up, even my school schedule has been twisted. Because of the new common core testing and all, my classes have different times and settings, meaning I might go to a 2 hour English class and a 30 min History class. I have been extremely busy lately but during last week (spring break) I did several drawings, maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll post my Keroro canon-related drawing, with a new style :) 
I will leave for at least a 2 month hiatus till the end of May, I will log in from time to time when I have the chance to clear up my messages, fave stuff and MAYBE comment for being active. (lol, I dislike being inactive,makes me feel I just dump something) and IF I get the chance, I'll post my arts that I did on spring break, or the arts I did over the weekend. (if I had time except from studying and doing projects XD) 
I need to study and work harder this time because being accepted to IB means I have to show my counselor and my new teachers there I have been accepted in the honors program. I'm hoping to get a 4.0 this quarter, I went from a 4.0 and dropped down to a 3.8 because I had a B on my English. Majority influence is my group broadcast project, we had a bad grade on it because my groupmates TEND TO PROCRASTINATE till the last 2 days :/ so my grade dropped. A bit disappointed,but yeah.
My math slightly got dropped to an 89, because (again group work) we didn't do well on our group work for math. I'm hoping to reach at least a 90, which is one point away, so I can get a 4.0....
Please pray for me! :) I hope to go from an average 84 to 90 in the next 1 month for English! XD I'll be so happy if I get a 4.0 again this quarter.
Anyways, bye for now! ^^ I'll post my keroro fan art soon, today or tomorrow. After that I'll leave for a short time : D
PS sorry for the ones that had a convo with me and I never reply, I'm so busy that sometimes I just have to stop the convo, but believe me I always read them ^^ I don't think I can reply, if I could, I might start a new comment.
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Edit 1: you don't have to be my watcher to add me! 030
When searching for my username, don't forget to add a space between Corny and Chip, ex. Corny Chip

My original Tree World account is Corny Chip
(Please don't ask why I have such a corny name, SOMEONE decided to make that name for me ;)
But the account Corny Chip is my collection account, I will not accept any trades, but it's a great collection up to the current 67 branches! I don't have any repeated animals because my goal is to collect every Tree World animal! :) 
My second account is FourEyeGenius101, just like my deviant account. There I could accept any trade, all my animals including rares and legendaries are open for trade ^^ 
Please add both of them accounts! I think it is essential to add my Corny Chip account so you can see what animal you have that I don't! I usually like to make trades with my FourEyeGenius101 account with animals that I don't have..if you can't give out the animals I don't have then it's fine! :D
If you're trading with me, there's rules!
Dont make the trade too "cheap" like you trading your COMMON Froggy for a LEGENDARY Barn Owl. I know I don't really care with what animal I will trade, but I don't appreciate people taking advantage as well. Try trading like, an UNCOMMON Angler Bunny for a LEGENDARY Barn Owl and I will accept it ^^ but I'll appreciate MOST if you trade something with me with an animal I don't have! Ex. Phoenix, Yeti, etc. 
THERE IS ONLY ONE EXCEPTION IF YOU WANT ME TO TRADE IN A RARE OR LEGENEDARY ANIMAL FOR A COMMON ONE! It's only if I don't have that common animal, then you can trade it! :squee:
If you're going to add me, comment below with your username! :meow: I will send gifts to everyone who adds me AND I'll add them back as a neighbor! If you want to know what animals I have, visit my Corny Chip account, not the Foureyegenius101! 
I'd love to add more neighbors! 
Please comment your username and I'll add you or you add me! ;)

something random.
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Have your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it too
:iconcakeplz::iconpresentplz: ~~~~~Feliz Cumpleaños~~~~~ :iconpresentplz::iconcakeplz:
:iconballoonsplz:KimRaiFan's Bday Cake ~~~~~生日快樂~~~~KimRaiFan's Bday Cake :iconballoonsplz:
I wish you have the best birthday ever this year and I hope you don't mind getting birthday icon spammed by me!
:iconrainbowbummiecakeplz: :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz: :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:
ENJOY THE CUPCAKES~! Happy Birthday CupcakeHappy Birthday CupcakeHappy Birthday Cupcake
ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE! :cakerun: :cakerun: :cakerun:


From, your super biggest cool fan,~Genius :iconpinkiepieplz:
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angiewaiwai 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
parker, i thinking onion..:D ?
study people and sport peple..haha
FourEyeGenius101 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OOOOH, I have a good idea for a sweet entry x3
angiewaiwai 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaa. i should design a elder sister to parker may be? so exciting
TheRaptorAlpha 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I finally found my old Disease Kiruru ref sheet I was telling you about forever ago!
FourEyeGenius101 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bundiskdsnsammkmk- that so good! :3
TheRaptorAlpha 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It's so old, tho!
FourEyeGenius101 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still it's awesome ^^
(1 Reply)
SugarBubbles2000 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woahwaitasecondyougavemeapointbackinnovemberlastyearandi never even noticed that, nor give you a thank you??
What is my life...
Thanks! I guess.. :hug:
FourEyeGenius101 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe you did actually saud thank you and forgot about it, or maybe not since I forgot as problem. ^^
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